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Hand Wash Abhiyan (Multi-Cap)
For hygiene of students, hand wash Abhiyan has been taken-up in all schools. Health and hygiene, both contribute to the nutrition of students. A bar of soap or A bottle of hand wash liquid is very insufficient to cater to the need of hand washing and dish cleaning of so many students within the lunch break. So the disposed off, the thrown away cold drinks plastic bottles have been collected. Two to three small holes have been made on the cap of the bottle. The hand wash liquid (Dettol or lifebuoy) purchased from the market is diluted with the water and 20 to 30 plastic bottles filled with diluted hand wash liquid are kept ready for use by 200 children or students.
It is cost effective.
It save the time of the children
It reduces the rush and congestion among the students.
It ensures protection of environment by re-use of the plastic bottles.