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Notifications / Letters / Office Orders Date
FY 2014-15
Disposal of pending complaints received from School Student Help Line through online under MDM Programme 24.03.2015
Final release of MME funds for School level under MDM Programme for the year 2014-15 23.03.2015
Return the unspent fund CCHs honorarium component of MDM 21.03.2015
Allocation of food grains under National Programme of Mid-Day Meal in Primary & Upper Primary Schools MDMS for the 1st Qtr for the FY 2015-16 19.03.2015
Minutes of the Video Conference regarding MDM Scheme on 20.02.2015 under the Chairperson of Commissioner-cum-Secretary 04.03.2015
Exit Conference on Accountant General AG Audit Report 28.02.2015
Release of funds under different components of MDM Programme for 4th Quarter for the FY 2014-15 27.02.2015
Compliance to Accountant General Audit Report 21.02.2015
Discussion on MDM Kitchen Shed in the video conference being held on 20.02.2015_at_10.30_A.M 19.02.2015
Release of MDM funds 3rd Phase for School Block and District level for the year 2014-15 29.01.2015
Disposal of pending complaints received from School Student Helpline 07.03.2015
Minutes of VC regarding MDM_Scheme held on 20.02.2015 under the Chairperson of Commissioner-cum-Secretary 04.03.2015
Release of funds towards payments of honnorarium to the CCHs for the month of January-2015 25.02.2015
Release of MDM-MME funds 3rd phase for Schools, Block & District 29.01.2015
Developement of software for school student helpline 22.01.2015
Release of funds towards payments of CCHs for the month of December-2014 22.01.2015
Capacity Building Programme of CRCCs under MDM Scheme 13.01.2015
Regional Workshop on Mid-day Meal at Puri 07.01.2015
Release of funds under diff components of MDM programme for balance of 3rd Qtr and 4th Qtr for the year 2014-15 29.12.2014
Food testing under MDM Prgramme 29.12.2014
Reminder for the clearance of the pendencies 29.12.2014
Release of funds towards payments of CCHs for the month of November-2014 29.12.2014
Sincere Message for District Collectors and DEOs 20.12.2014
Bringing drinking water in bottle to schools for administration of IFA 17.12.2014
Orientation training to Programmer-cum-Accountant for preparation of Annual Plan Budget of 2015-16 16.12.2014
Minutes of the VC regarding MDM Scheme on Dt-16.12.2014 under Chairperson of Comm-cum-Secy 15.12.2014
MDM mishaps action taken thereon 09.12.2014
Requirements of food grains Rice under MDM Programme for 4th Qtr of 2014-15 08.12.2014
FCI Monthly Progress Report October 2014 02.12.2014
Available of funds as on as 31st October-2014 under MDM Programme 20.11.2014
Release of funds towards payment of honorarium to CCHs for the month of September & October-2014 19.11.2014
Short Quotations are invited from ineterested bidders for various items for the MDM Awareness Mela-2014 03.11.2014
Release of MME funds 2nd phase for District,Block,District level for the year 2014-15 under MDM programme 28.10.2014
Submission of Annual Indent and Monthly Consumption report under NIPI Programme 20.10.2014
MDM Awareness Mela along with SURAVI 2014 16.10.2014
Release of funds towards payment of honnorarium of CCHs under Keonjhar Distict for the month of July and August 15.10.2014
9th meeting of State Level Steering-cum-Monitoring Committee under MDM Programme 15.10.2014
CORRIGENDUM to letter No.1344,dt.28.08.14 regarding CCHs Engagement Guidelines 13.10.2014
Submission of Utilization Certificate under MDM Programme 13.10.2014
Submission of CCHs information by 5th of every month in case of any changes 10.10.2014
CORRIGENDUM to Letter No 1426,dt.25.09.2014 regarding allocation of foodgrains 09.10.2014
Submission of QPR(2nd Qtr) for primary and UP for the year 2014-15 under MDM Programme 08.10.2014
Formation and submission of reports on Steering-cum-Monitoring Committee at District Block level and district vigilance monitoring and its meeting on quaterly basis 26.09.2014
Completion of annual data entry as well as monthly data upto September for FY 2014-15 26.09.2014
Revised nomenclature of EGS/AIE centre NCLP schools to Special Training Centre (STCs) under MDM Scheme 25.09.2014
Allocation of foodgrains under national programme of MDM in Primary and UpperPrimary classes for 3rd qtr for the FY 2014=15 25.09.2014
Release of funds towards payments of CCHs honorarium under Kalahandi & Sonepur district for themoth of july august direct from SPMU their accounts 22.09.2014
Release of funds towards payments of CCHs honorarium for the month of july & august direct from SPMU their accounts 15.09.2014
Submission of pending complaitns under MDM Programme 15.09.2014
Inspection on Ama Madhyanha Bhojana Roseighara and other components of MDM by SPMU staff 13.09.2014
Release of funds under different components for 2nd & 3rd qtr for the year 2014_15 12.09.2014
Accountants General audit of MDM programme 05.09.2014
Standard Guidelines for engagement of Cook-cum-Helpers under MDM Programme, Odisha 28.08.2014
Submission of Grading System on monthly basis 26.08.2014
Review of construction of Model Kitchen-cum-Store under MDM Programme 23.08.2014
Conversion of MDM SB Account or MDM Current Account to Flexi Account 22.08.2014
Re-validatin Of CCHs Bank Accounts Before Relaese Their Honnoraium For The Month July & August 2014 19.08.2014
Provision For Supply Of Fruits To Vegetarian Children Under MDM Programme 18.08.2014
Revised Ration Cost Under MDM Programme For The FY 2014-15 18.08.2014
Submission Of Utilization Certificate In Respect Of MDM Programme 19.07.2014
Submission Of QPR For 1st Quarter For Primary & Upper Primary Classes For The FY 2014-15 17.07.2014
Release of funds under diff. component for 1st and 2nd (Part)-Quarter for the year of 2014-15 04.07.2014
Release of MDM-MME funds 1st phase for honorarium to_Data Entry Operators & Programmer-cum-Accountant for the year 2014-15 04.07.2014
Final Result of Bidder Selected for Concurent Monitoring Evaluation Under MDM Odisha 18.06.2014
Physical verification in progress of construction of Kitchen-cum-Store under MDM 07.06.2014
State Level Workshop-cum-Review Meeting Under MDM Programme 07.06.2014
Release funds for procurement of computers under MME component of MDM scheme for the FY 2013-14 on DGS&D rate of contracct 06.06.2014
Direct E-transfer Cook-cum-Helper's honorarium from SPMU to their accounts 04.06.2014
Training-cum-Review programme on Mid-Day Meal Scheme 03.06.2014
Change of our official E-mail Id 31.05.2014
To complete the WebBased monitoring data feeding process of school wise for the year 24.05.2014
Submission of monthly IFA consumption report 20.05.2014
Submission of school lists for use of Smokeless Chulha in cooking under MDM 08.05.2014
Submission of QPR of the 4th quarter for the year 2013-14 under MDM 28.04.2014
Balance amount quantity of funds and food grains available on 01.04.2014 under MDM 28.04.2014
Information on Cook-cum-Helpers 21.04.2014
Request For Proposal (RFP) for Social Audit in Mid-Day Meal 19.04.2014