Right to Information
Right to Information (RTI)
        In a Democratic Republic, Informed citizenry, transparency of information, eradication of corruption, accountability of Government administration to the governed are essentially required for preservation of the democratic ideal. With the objective to ensure access to information to members of public, 'The Right to information Act, 2005 (the Act) has been enacted by the parliament in the Fifty sixth Year of the Republic of India. Every Public Authority, as per provision made under the section 4(1) (b) of the Act, is required to disclose its activities functioning, duties and responsibilities etc for information of the public. In compliance to provisions of the Act and Govt. of Odisha Notification, State Project Management Unit (MDM) under School & Mass Education, Government of Odisha has published this manual for access of such information for the General Public.
        The Mid Day Meal Programme is the world’s largest school feeding programme by providing hot cooked meal to children of primary and upper primary school students. The main objective of MDM Programme in the State is to boost universalisation of Primary/Upper Primary Education. Mid Day Meal Programme was expected to attract more children to come to school and in this way it will increase enrolment, attendance, retention and bring down drop-out rate. Mid Day Meal with enhanced calorific energy content and increased quantity of proteins in food, is also expected to improve the nutritional status of children.
Particulars of Organization, Functions and Duties
2.1 Objective /purpose of the public authority. The primary objective of this scheme is to provide hot cooked meal to children of primary and upper primary school students as well as improving nutritional status of children, encouraging poor children & belonging to disadvantaged sections to attend school more regularly and help them concentrate on classroom activities, thereby increasing the enrollment, retention and attendance rates.
2.2 Mission/ Vision statement of the public authority The State Project Management Unit working under the aegis of the S&ME Deptt. is concerned with provision of hot cooked meal to the students of Primary, Upper Primary & NCLP schools on school days. Its thrust areas are to increase enrolment, retention and to curb drop-outs.
2.3 Brief history of the public authority and context of its formation The State Project Management Unit which was created in 1st July, 2011 has been looking into the day to day implementation of the programme.
2.4 Duties of the public authority Duties as per the provision of constitution of India, other relevant Acts/ Rules pertaining to management of Mid-Day Meal Programme for children of Primary, Upper Primary & NCLP schools.
2.5 Main activities / functions of the public authority As at 2.2 above
2.6 Organizational Structure Diagram at various levels namely, State, District and Block etc
I)State Level
II)District Level
III)Block Level
2.7 Mechanism available for monitoring the service delivery and public grievance resolution. Grievance Cell is functioning in the SPMU to mitigate grievances of the public and others.
2.8 Addresses of the main office and other offices at different levels (Please categories the address district-wise for facilitating the understanding by the user)

The State Project Management Unit, SRC Building, 1st Floor, Unit-V, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

2.9 Office hours of SPMU 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM- Monday to Saturday except Sundays, 2nd Saturday and public holidays.
(Manual – 2)
Powers and Duties of Officers and employees
Powers Administrative Cases to be disposed of by different officers as per standing order & rules.
Financial As delegated under Rules of OGFR, DFR, Service Code, Treasury Code, Concurrence and Consultation in financial matters.
Duties As indicated in manual-1 above.
(Manual – 3)
Procedure followed in Decision Making Process
Decisions are being taken as per Govt. Rules of Business and on Standing orders issued from time to time and other codal provisions / executive instructions etc.
(Manual – 4)
Norms set for the discharge of functions
(Manual – 5)
Rules, Regulations, Instructions, Manuals & Records for discharging Functions by the State Project Management Unit
Sl. No. Name/ Title of the documents Brief write of the documents From whom one can got a copy of the Rules, Regulations etc. Address /Telephone No./ Fax etc. Free charged by the Deptt. for a copy of the Rules etc.
[1] [2]  [3]  [4] [5]  [6]
1. Guidelines
National Programme of Nutritional Support to Primary Education 2004
  State Project Management Unit (MDM) 0674-2393923 As per RTI Act, 2005 & the Rules made there under.
2. National Programme of Nutritional support to Primary Education 2006   State Project Management Unit (MDM)  0674-2393923  
3. Guidelines for MDM Programme  State Project Management Unit (MDM)  0674-2393923  
4. How To Design Kitchen-cum-Stores For MDM Programme  State Project Management Unit (MDM)  0674-2393923  
5. Quality Mid-Day Meal Protocol  State Project Management Unit (MDM)  0674-2393923  
6. Best Innovative Practice in MDM Programme  State Project Management Unit (MDM)  0674-2393923  
(Manual – 6)
A statement of the categories of documents that are held by it or under its control.
(Manual – 7)
The particulars of any arrangement that exists for consultation with, or representation by, the members of the public in relation to the formulation of its policy or implementation thereof.
(Manual – 8)
A statement of the boards, councils, committees and other bodies consisting of two or more persons constituted as its part or for the purpose of its advice, and as to whether meetings of those boards, councils, committees and other bodies are open to the public, or the minutes of such meetings are accessible for public.
A State level Steering-cum-Monitoring Committee has been set-up under the Chairmanship of the Chief Secretary to oversee the implementation of the programme. The SSMC performs the following functions.

i. Guiding various Implementing Agency

ii. Monitoring Programme implementation, assessing its impact, and taking corrective steps.

iii. Taking action on reports of Independent Monitoring / Evaluation Agency.

iv. Effective coordination and convergence among concerned Department, agencies (e.g FCI) and schemes.

v. Mobilizing community support and promoting public – private partnership.

(Manual – 9)
Directory of Offices and employees of State Project Management Unit (Headquarters) as on 20.08.2013
Sl. No.   Name Designation Date of birth Entry into Govt. Service Date of Super-annuation Tel. No. Remarks
1 Sri Gangadhar Sahoo  SNO (MDM) & Ex-Officio Jt. Secretary 08.06.63 07.06.90 30.06.23 2393923  
2 Sri Sridhar Sahoo  Asst. Director 12.08.62 31.03.91 31.08.22 2396903  
1 Sri Priyadarsi Routray Consultant, MIS 18.06.85     8763413116 Contractual
2 Sri K. Ch. Barik     Jr. Clerk  07.10.62 28.06.91 31.10.22  9437635087 On deployment
3 Sri K. Rout  Programmer 18.02.78     9861412782 Contractual
4 Sri A. Ku. Mohapatra Data Entry Coordinator       8763043111 Contractual
5 Sri S. Ku. Barik  Stenographer 28.06.86     9778487944 Contractual
6 Sri P. K. Sandha Accountant 23.05.91     9776673385 Contractual
7 Sri M. Patra  Data Entry Operator 21.06.83     9438120410 Contractual

Sri Sushanta Kumar Meher 

Data Entry Operator 20.02.91     8093313972 Contractual

Miss. Satrutsna Shbhapriya Das

Data Entry Operator 11.05.93     7504303410 Contractual
10 Miss. Swagatika Jena Data Entry Operator 28.06.85     9938140449 Contractual
11 Sri Jagadish Kumar Parida Data Entry Operator       9853961653 Contractual
1 Sri P. Sahoo  Peon 13.03.79     9777711667 Contractual
2 Sri. T.Das Peon 03.05.91     8455968269 Contractual
3 Sri.B.B.Parida Peon 03.05.91     8093333602 Contractual
4 Sri.K. Bhoi Peon 14.07.82     9853363267 Contractual
(Manual – 10)
Monthly remuneration received by each of its officers and employees including the system of compensation provided in regulations.
Sl. No. Name of the employees Designation Scale of pay (in Rs.) Grade pay (in Rs.) Monthly remuneration (in Rs.)
1  Sri Gangadhar Sahoo State Nodal Officer (MDM)  25,210/-  7,600/-  69,885/-
2  Sri Sridhar Sahoo Asst. Director  18,480/-  4800/-  54,242/-
3  Sri Priyadarsi Routray Consultant(MIS) (consolidated)  00/-  00/-  30,000/-
 Sri K. Ch. Barik Jr. Clerk (on deployment)  9300-34800/-  4200/-  33,015/-
5  Sri K. Rout Programmer (consolidated)  00/-  00/-  9,300/-
6  Sri A. K. Mohapatra Data Entry Coordinator (consolidated)  00/-  00/-  9,300/-
7  Sri S. K. Barik  Stenographer (consolidated)  00/-  00/-  9,300/-
8  Sri P. K. Sandha  Accountant (consolidated)  00/-  00/-  9,300/-
9  Sri M. Patra Data Entry Operator (consolidated)  00/-  00/-  5,200/-
10  Sri N.C. Nayak Data Entry Operator (consolidated)  00/-  00/-  5,200/-

Sri Sushanta Kumar Meher 

Data Entry Operator (consolidated)  00/-  00/-  5,200/-

Miss. Satrutsna Shbhapriya Das

Data Entry Operator (consolidated)  00/-  00/-  5,200/-
13 Miss. Swagatika Jena Data Entry Operator (consolidated)  00/-  00/-  5,200/-
14  Sri Jagadish Parida Data Entry Operator (consolidated)  00/-  00/-  5,200/-
15  Sri P. Sahoo Peon (consolidated)  00/-  00/-  4,400/-
16  Sri T.Das Peon (consolidated)  00/-  00/-  4,400/-
17  Sri. B.B. Parida Peon (consolidated)  00/-  00/-  4,400/-
18  Sri. K Bhoi Peon (consolidated)  00/-  00/-  4,400/-
(Manual – 11)
Department of School and Mass Education Budget Provision for MDM Scheme
 Budget year Planned Budget (Rs. in Lakh) UnPlanned Budget (Rs. in Lakh)
 Cetral Share  State Share  Central Share  State Share
 2012-13  52635.00  16000.00
 2013-14  61522.53  21500.00
(Manual – 12)
The manner of execution of subsidy programmes, including the amounts allocated and the details of beneficiaries of such programme.
(Not related)
(Manual – 13)
Particulars of recipient of concessions, permits or authorizations granted by it.
(Not related)
(Manual – 14)
Details in respect of the information, available to or held by it, reduced in an electronic form.
(Not related)
(Manual – 15)
Particulars of facilities available to citizens for obtaining information.
A lot of information with regard to the MDM Programme, its objectives, process of implementation, agencies involved, its guidelines etc. are available in the SPMU website. General public can access to these citizen may obtain information through RTI and on personal contact.
(Manual – 16)
The Names, Designations and other particulars of the Public Information Officers.
Name of the Public Authority:
Sl. No.  Name Designation STD Code Phone No. Office e-mail
Appellate Authority
1. Sri Gangadhar Sahoo, OAS, SNO (MDM) Jt. Secretary to Govt. 9438423585 --
Public Information Officer
1. Sri Sridhar Sahoo Asst. Director 9861145567
(Manual – 17)
Distribution of work among the Officers of SPMU. (As on 1.06.2012)
Name of the Section Asst. Director State Nodal Officer F.A.-cum-Joint Secy. Spl. Secretary Comm.-cum-Secy.
Office Establishment Post Vacant Sri Gangadhar Sahoo   -- Comm.-cum-Secy.
Accounts Post Vacant  Sri Gangadhar Sahoo R.N Pattanaik   Comm.-cum-Secy.
Audit Post Vacant Sri Gangadhar Sahoo R.N Pattanaik   Comm.-cum-Secy.
Legal matters Post Vacant Sri Gangadhar Sahoo R.N Pattanaik   Comm.-cum-Secy.
RTI matters Post Vacant Sri Gangadhar Sahoo   -- Comm.-cum-Secy.
Miscellaneous Post Vacant Sri Gangadhar Sahoo   -- Comm.-cum-Secy.