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Organizational Structure
A State level Project Management Unit has been set up under the aegis of School & Mass Education Department to look into the day to day implementation of the Programme. This Project mode of supervision and monitoring is a departure from the past.
A District level Project Management Unit has been set up in the office of the DPC for proper monitoring and supervision of the scheme. Steps are being taken to provide one Programmer-cum-Accountant and one Data Entry Operator to each District level PMU. 30 Hqrs. D.Is who are the Drawing and Disbursing Officer of the scheme, are provided space and infrastructure in the DPC office for MDM only.
Inspector of schools, District Project Coordinators, D.I of schools and Nodal Sub-Inspector of Schools have been oriented on different aspects / components of MDM. Steps are being taken for capacity building of BRCCs, S.I. of schools (except Nodal SIs), CRCCs, Headmasters/ Teachers in charge of MDM at Block level.
For monitoring, 5 nos. of parameters exclusively for MDM are added to the list of existing 80 parameters in “Samikshya”. The new parameters are:
a) Regularity in serving meals and adherence to weekly menu.
b) Availability of foodgrains.
c) Availability of cooking cost.
d) Proper storage of food grain.
e) Payment of honorarium to cook-cum-helper for the last month.
A comprehensive database pertaining to the essentials of the MDM Programme like name of the schools, name of the SHG/SMC/ VEC, name of the HM, their telephone/ mobile nos./ account nos. etc. has been created. This facilitates release of funds, redressal of grievances and monitoring.
School Health Programme is an important component of MDM scheme. Regular health check-up minimum twice a year for students of Primary and Upper Primary schools are recommended to be carried out by the CHCs/ PHCs. Adequate quantity of micro-nutrients, Iron, Folic Acid and Vitamin ‘A’ are provided in convergence with the National Rural Health Mission. Steps are taken to eradicate refractive errors and to provide De-worming tablets wherever it is required.
Funds relating to cooking cost, cost of foodgrains, transportation cost, honorarium to cook-cum-helper are released at least 3 months in advance. Cooking cost, honorarium to cook-cum-helper is made available for a period of 3 months in advance and rice is made available at least for a period of one month for interrupted supply of hot cooked meals to the children.
A total sum of Rs. 42074.70 lakhs has been provided to the Districts for constructions of 60159 kitchen-sheds @ Rs. 60,000/- per each and 8993 kitchen-sheds @ Rs. 66490/- per each. The Collectors have been requested to take steps for completion of the incomplete kitchen-shed.
Steps have been taken to provide 3 stage bins for proper upkeep of rice, dal and condiments.
A toll free no. for school students helpline (18003456722) has been assigned for redressal of various complaints from the students and the general public. The general public, School Managing Committee, SHGs, Mothers’ Commttee, Parents’, Teachers’ Association and above all the students are advised to make use of this toll free telephone in case of MDM programme for redressal of grievances. Officers in charge of the districts are advised to visit the schools and oversee the MDM Programme. The Commissioner-cum-Secretary hears the grievances on each Saturday of the week and resolves those cases. Grievances are heard at SPMU (MDM) on the last Saturday of every month and corrective measures are taken.
Weekly menu is printed in the backside of the text books for information of the general public.